Snapshots: June 2013

{1}  Thrifting. The hunting and gathering continues for things around the house.  I've been exceptionally lucky lately with random stops at some of my favorite places.  .99 frames and blue and whites for under $2 make me extremely happy:)  Also looking for brass accents for Avery and Emilia's rooms!  Now that our weekend extravaganzas are over, I'm hoping to score even better at garage sales. I just love the hunt, and I especially love a good bargain!

{2}  Family.  Got to spend time with my family at a friend's wedding.  For the first time since Taylor and I were married, my hometown and some of our OSU crowd collided for the celebration.  It. Was. So. Much. Fun.  I danced the night away and was extremely sore the next day.  Even though I took my shoes off, my body made it clear that 26 weeks and dancing DO NOT mix.  We'll consider it my last hurrah until Emilia comes:)

{3}  Summer Nights.  Snapped this pic of the little one at Utica 5th Night Concert Series.  We love summer nights.  Concerts, walks, eating outside, playing in the yard...  This summer especially has been special.  It feels like Avery is growing up before our very eyes.  I guess that is part of being a parent.  You turn around and your kids are older, taller, smarter.  Something about summer brings this out even more.  I'm cherishing the moments that we play and talk.  Mostly I cherish the moments watching her dance, learn, play, run free.  She has no idea the joy those moments bring me and probably isn't even aware I'm watching.  She definitely has no idea that every night before we go to sleep, her daddy and I recount everything she said and everything she did that day.  Gosh, I love her.

{4}  Daddy.  We celebrated the best daddy in the world!  Avery and I are so lucky to have Taylor.  I couldn't ask for a better father for my children.  We took him to lunch at one of our favorite spots and ate outside.  She adores him and I wouldn't have it any other way.  He makes everything more fun and lately we've noticed that it makes her really happy when we are all three together.  Makes me happy, too, bunny.  Me too.

{5}  26 Weeks.  While this pregnancy is taking a bit more of a toll than the last one, I'm very thankful for a healthy one filled with energy.  I loved being pregnant with Avery and Emilia has been no different.  I love her movements.  I love thinking about her, imagining her, and praying for her.  We try to talk to Avery about her baby sister-  sometimes she is receptive and sometimes she is not;)  One of the most wonderful things in my life is being a sister and I pray that my girls know and experience that same gift.  We're so excited to introduce them in a few short months!

{6}  Blooms.  The hydrangeas in the back yard are still going strong.  Freshly picked ones last for at least two weeks!  They literally brighten my day.  I have them sprinkled throughout the house, but my favorite is the arrangement I keep on the dining room table.  Sadly, the demand is taking over the supply...

{7}  Play.  Avery enjoyed the pool last year but she doesn't remember it.  I've had a blast with her at the pool this summer!  Every morning she wakes up saying something to the effect of, "I swim in pool like a fishy!"  Pictured here are some neighborhood buds.  We've had a blast getting to know our neighbors this spring and summer.  Some are veterans in the neighborhood, while others are new like us.  Good neighbors are a huge blessing and we look forward to growing in the new relationships we've formed here.

{8}  Five Years.  We celebrated five years of marriage at the end of the month! Can't hardly believe it.  We ate a really nice dinner at a new restaurant downtown and then went to Utica to sit outside for dessert. It was fun to recount the last five years, but mostly we talked about all that we are anticipating in the coming few months.   I sure do love life with him.  We ended the night with a West Wing marathon.  Yes, you read that right.  We are currently HOOKED on The West Wing and are still in Season 1 on Netflix.  I've never been more excited for 154 episodes in my life!  The only pic we have to commemorate our anniversary this year is a selfie we took in a store front window... I guess that's better than nothing!

{9}  Surprise!  We hosted a girl's weekend and surprise baby shower in Tulsa to finish out our incredibly busy and fun month.  Some of my very best friends of life from college came for the weekend (pictured: Becky, Emily, Laura, Kailey, me).  We spent the weekend eating, talking, watching YouTube videos, strolling at Utica, and just enjoying being together.  Not much has changed:)  The highlight of the weekend was the surprise baby shower Emily hosted at her house for Laura.  Friends and family were already at the house waiting when we pulled up and she was so surprised.  It was a blast to celebrate Laura and Baby Caroline.We planned it months ago when we decided on a weekend for our girl's trip and I just can't believe we pulled it off without a hitch!  I've spent the last week being even more thankful to have these friends in my life than I was before.  Special shout-out to Taylor for being the primary care taker of Avery while us girls played all weekend:)

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