Peach Pickin'

Early morning, coffee, beautiful rural Oklahoma drive, chats with friends, lots of 'lil cuties, a peach orchard, and a picnic.  Sounds like an awesome day, right? It was. FANTASTIC way to spend our morning.

And who knew that Oklahoma had a peach orchard???  Needless to say this needs to become an annual event for our family.  Thanks, Emily, for inviting us to come along!

All I know is that Emily was rockin' it this morning with two kiddos in a hot orchard.

My peach with a little bruise of her own...

 Pretty good for nine kiddos if you ask me.

A bushel or a peck or a 1/2 peck.  Couldn't ever figure it out...

Had such a wonderful morning with you, my love.  You pick the BEST peaches!

 Those eyes...

Wish I could've spent more time snapping pictures in the little marketplace, but sometimes you just need to sit down and have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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