Restoration Bulletin Board

We've had this puppy sitting in our garage for a few months.  I originally wanted to purchase one of these from our church's garage sale last summer, but when I went to get it, it just wouldn't fit in my jeep:(  So when Emily offered up her unused one that was being stored by my neighbor-friend Mary Beth, I couldn't be happier! We only live two blocks from them, so Taylor and I very comically drove from their house to ours with this hanging out of the side of our jeep.  I drove very slowly while Taylor held onto it out of the passenger side window...

Didn't take me long to decide I wanted to convert it into a giant chalkboard for our not-so-formal, formal dining room, but it did take me a long time to get the energy to start the project.  Thank you, second trimester!!!

I didn't really do any prep.  Just primed it with spray primer, and painted two quick coats of chalkboard paint that I had leftover from other projects.

Don't worry! No babies were harmed during the completion of this project. I did this in my perfectly ventilated garage.  The best part?  I started and finished this before Avery even woke up from her afternoon nap!!!

Another wonderful aspect of this project? It was made using things we already had on hand, making it totally FREE.  

Here is the restored bulletin board's final resting place in our dining room...

Might I add that I'm loving our decision to keep all of the original brass fixtures in here?  Brass is back, people.

The table arrangement got a little "zushing", as well.  I'm loving the way our minimalistic, not-so-formal dining room is coming together.  Now I've got to figure out what to write on this thing...

Any ideas for quotes or art are fully appreciated:)

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