Feeling Inspired By...

I heart Pinterest.  I love being able to collect images, tips, recipes, sources, and quotes that inspire me.  I really do think it helps our home, as well as our bellies:) Here are some pins that have inspired me the most lately....

I've been drawn to anything blue and white, anything baby, and images of the sea/coast.  And I'm always scouring Pinterest for home, DIY, and quotes/scripture.

Tried the double chocolate chip muffins.  I made them last week for some friends who just brought home a new baby and I accidentally added twice the amount of butter the recipe called for.  Turns out it's pretty easy to mess up the ounce to cup conversion...  They were still really good, so I can only imagine how tasty and moist they would be without the extra stick of butter!  Yes, I still gave them to my friends, and yes I told them about the butter problem. 

I've been relying on little tutorials for my camera like the one above.  This one in particular helped me understand aperture and to fix a little problem I was having with the darkness of my pictures. I'm very curious about my camera and have been practicing with it quite a bit.  I don't have time to read through the entire manual or sign up for a workshop, so quick little posts like this one are just perfect for me to keep understanding my camera and improving my pictures!

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  1. What a beautiful little spot you have right here! Love the name too. I'm looking forward to reading more, neighbor! Hugs, Katie