A Big Girl Room

It's about time to get started on Avery's big girl room. I. am. so. excited.  The room we will be moving her to has two twin beds with stark white Ikea bedding and dark wood cut-out headboards with a matching set of furniture.  Oh and let's not forget the chocolate-brown walls I will not be sad to part with.

I've see-sawed a few times between color schemes for the new look, but have finally landed on light pink/white/royal blue/brass.  Below are some images I put together from which I'm drawing inspiration...

1/ Amie Corley's design for this little girl's room is a big inspiration for me.  The layout will be almost identical, as Avery's room will have matching twin bed and headboard sets on each side of the window.  I also adore her gallery wall here.   Already got and "A" for Avery:)  

2/ So, so happy "brass is back"!  Almost all of the original fixtures are still in this house.  And guess what? They are brass!!! Door knobs, switch plates, hardware in the bathrooms.  You name it.  We are going to keep it.  Partly in tribute to the house, and partly because I just love the look.  I've been scrounging thrift stores for good brass items, and let me tell you, it's everywhere!  {RecyleBuyVintage}

3/ We will need a chair, but because space will be an issue, an overstuffed glider like what we have in the nursery is just not going to work!  I want something pretty and interesting.  Comfort does not have to be the deciding factor here since I figure we will do most of our reading at night in her big girl bed.  I almost scored one on Craiglist this morning for $20 that looked very similar to this one, but I was about 30 minutes too late...  {Wisteria}

4/ Gallery wall!!! Don't you just love a good gallery wall?  Especially in a kid's room, I think.  I've been collecting frames for quite a while now, so I just cannot wait to get the wall painted and start arranging/hanging.  A little bit eclectic like the one pictured here is a must!  This big girl room by Nicole is so precious...

5/ Blue and white.   These colors are trailing through my house, and I would be remiss to leave Avery's room out!  I think the royal blue tones will pair very nicely with the light pink and stark white bedding. {via Pinterest}

6/ I've chosen Verbena by Sherwin Williams for the walls.  We will sample it before painting, of course, but we will end up doing something very similar to this shade if not this one itself.  Now that we know we are having another girl, I'm not afraid to go all out girly!

Of course, Emily is a genius and will be helping me pull this altogether in style and under budget.  Did you know she's open for business? 


Snapshots: May 2013

1/  Dining. I got crafty this month.  Second trimester has been good to me, and motivation and energy levels have increased!  I completed a big project for the wall, and laid out a new centerpiece for the table.  Now if I could only transfer that motivation to the still ongoing backsplash project...

2/ Lake Weekend.  Got to go with friends to Tablerock Lake for a very relaxing weekend. Lots of rest, lots of food, great shopping, and heart-to-hearts.  What would a girl do without girlfriends?

3/ Peonies.  We have peonies, people!  Never imagined they would be this beautiful.  This spring has been so much fun watching all of the blooms in our yard.  We moved in last September, and as we are NOT experienced gardeners we had no idea what would come in the spring.  So far: azaleas in every color, pink & white hydrangeas, and white peonies.

4/ Sister's House.  Emily and I went to Dallas to visit my sister and while there helped pull her living room together!  She already had her amazing Crate & Barrel couch, as well as the rugs and coffee table.  We were able to have so much fun finding great deals on end tables, lamps, coffee table books and tray, etc.  P.S.  Emily just went into business as Emily Davis Interiors.  You must check it out:)

5/ Girl's Weekend.  Although May was post- tax season for Taylor, I have gotten lots of me/fun time (love you, honey:).  Emily and I spent a long, fun weekend in Dallas, one of my favorite cities (mostly because my sis lives there).  Terelli's, Hattie's in Bishop Arts District, antique shopping, and plenty of patio time relaxing!

6/ 22 weeks.  We're just a blowin' and a growin' over here.

7/ Antique District.  Although I've been to Dallas countless times, we've never ventured over to this part of town, and let me tell you, I'm in love.  These shops are filled to the brim with some really great, really inspiring things.

8/ Zushing.  Lots of zushing going on around here, especially with flowers from the backyard.

9/ Heirloom.   I took an old family photo of Taylor's great-great-grandfather on the family's original Northwest Oklahoma homestead, blew it up to a 36 x 45 and mounted it to foam board.  I first saw this project on Little Green Notebook and have been wanting to do it ever since.  Like most things, I wonder why I didn't do it a long time ago because it only took me two quick errands and 45 minutes before I had the final product.  Oh, and it was extremely inexpensive.  We hung it in our entryway (kind of symbolic, me thinks).  More on that later.