Our Weekend

{1} Dr. Suess.  My entire immediate family was in town this weekend, plus a few cousins and an uncle.  We started the weekend off right as soon as Nana arrived with Go Dog Go,  Avery's current book obsession. And I mean she's obsessed. The book was read several more times before everyone went home.  I took this pic with my new DSLR from Taylor's parents.  I'm learning as I go, and opportunities like this are great for practice!

{2} A walk.  It was 61 degrees, sunny, and gorgeous this weekend.  In the middle of January.  Beautiful.  We went on several sunny walks.  Here Avery is walking with Aunt Jo and Ross.  I was on this walk, too, but who wants to hold mama's hand when these two are around?  I don't know if there is much else I love more in life than a good walk.  They're just good for my soul. 

{3} Play.  Could have lived outside...  It was so nice to get outdoors and just breathe.  Avery found a prickly ball and was fascinated.  We call them gumballs here, but I don't know if that is necessarily the correct term.  I love this shot of her.  I also love how she shares every discovery with me. I'm finding that's just one of the many sweet things about one and a half.

{4} Radio Flyer.  Nana and PawPaw gave Avery a wagon for Christmas and we got it up and running this weekend with the help of my uncle.  Jo's dog Penny was less than enthused to be along for the ride, but it sure made Avery happy.  She hasn't gotten out of the wagon except to eat and sleep since Saturday morning!

With such a fun, family-filled weekend I am disappointed to not have as many pictures as I usually do.  Could have something to do with the fact that with such a full, busy house I couldn't find my iPhone 3/4 of the time.  I especially regret not having any pics of my cousins I so rarely get to see.  On the flip side, not having a phone or camera around can allow you to enjoy what is going on around you like you're supposed to.  Catching up and just enjoying the moment is how we spent our weekend.  It was wonderful.  The weather helped:) 

Today I linked up to Annapolis & Company.  Check it out.  Positively inspiring.

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  1. Thanks for participating, Kacey! I love your weekend. ANd I love that our weekends are spent just a stone's throw away from each other. :) I hope you keep sharing!