Breakfast Nook

We worked on painting the breakfast nook wainscoting, windows, and molding for over two weeks.  Bleh.  I'm happy to report that except for some minor touch ups, we are finished!

The existing wainscoting was really marked up and was a dusty gray color that was conflicting with the light blue/gray we painted on the top half...

We decided to paint the wainscoting and trim a pure white semi-gloss to match the cabinetry in the kitchen.  I must say that I love the way it makes the wainscoting pop and how it freshens up the nook!

Notice anything else different about the "after" pic? We got new aluminum stools!  It's great extra seating for our open floor plan and for all of the hosting we do.  I found an awesome deal on Overstock for $99 a pair and couldn't be happier since the ones I originally wanted were $100 each from Crate & Barrel (eek).  And let me just say that the ones I got on Overstock look identical to the Crate & Barrel stools.  Ah, I love a good bargain high.


This corner of the bar was really marked up, and perhaps the most telling of just how needed this paint job was...

This room is coming along in baby steps. I've enjoyed working on and thinking about it because we spend so much time here as a family.  We can open the beautiful bay window and look outside while we eat.  Avery stands in the window and watches Jake run around in the back yard.  We open the windows in this room to let crisp, cool air flow in while we cook.  Taylor sits here in the morning and reads while he looks at our beautiful back yard.  Definitely one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Now that we've painted the windows pure white, it makes our blinds look very dirty.  I'm thinking about repurposing them with fabric to make some roman shades???  As for the light fixture, it doesn't really flow.  I'm going to try refurbishing it, too.  My BF Emily always says, "Paint it first, then decide if you want to get rid of it."  I think that's pretty solid advice.

We have now moved onto the guest suite at the back of our house- all the walls, molding, windows, cabinets, shelves, and fixtures in a bedroom/bathroom/closet combo.  Why do we do this to ourselves?  God bless Taylor for even picking up a roller for my every painting whim...pics later!

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