Kitchen Progress

As I posted here, we have a kitchen  make- over in progress.  Not any major renovation, just a little DIY and cosmetics.  As promised here are some pics of the progress.

Before we began...

{Pics via Zillow}

The layout is amazing, it just needed some updating and changes here and there to make it our own.  I could kick myself for forgetting to take my own before pics.  The ones above make the kitchen look a lot better than it actually did.  Perks of a professional camera, I guess.

We got started the day after we closed by hiring someone to paint the kitchen cabinetry. I thought I was up for it, and then we counted the cabinets and drawers. Almost 70.... yikes!  So, we postponed staying at the house for a week and got to work.

After the second coat...

I tackled the laminate after the painters packed up and left.   It was easier than I thought it was going to be.  Only took me a couple of hours.

Next, we painted.  With the cabinetry pure white, the dirty white on the walls were just too much. We had two gallons of SW Repose Gray left from the entry and hallways, so we went with it.  It was perfect.  It added just the right amount of contrast without being too noticeable....

Then, new hardware... love it.

Had to haul the old stove/oven away.  This is what that space looked like for two weeks...

Finally got a new stove four weeks after closing on the house:)  Turns out that drop-ins are very rare...

And a little bit of "zushing" with a new rug in a high traffic area.

This is what the kitchen looks like as of today...

We are loving it! It's turning into a bright, white, open and airy kitchen that we enjoy.

Next on the kitchen project list?  Tile the backsplash, paint the wainscoting and trim pure white to match the cabs, do something to the counter tops, and make a new window treatment.  Oh, and repurpose the butcher block island.  It needs some love.

I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions you have to share!


  1. It's looking AWESOME! Amazing what paint can do.

    xoxo, Em

  2. Wow it seems that this is a big project that you are tackling. I will keep on checking to see your progress! Can't wait to have a kitchen of my own to refurnish (not paint, my lungs wouldn't be able to handle it).